What’s Behind your CCC’s?

Recently one of our staff members completed her CCC’s. We all congratulated her on this awesome achievement knowing all the hard work that goes into earning your CCC’s. CCC’ stands for Certificate of Clinical Competence that is issued by the national Association of Speech and Hearing (ASHA). I reflected on my time when I received …

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What I Learned on TikTok

My husband used to laugh at me for watching Tik Tok videos. Now he is just as addicted and on some nights instead of watching Netflix we stay up for hours watching TikTok. If you haven’t heard  of it by now TikTok is a very popular social media platform where everyday people create short videos. …

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Feeding doesn’t have to be a chore

Do you have an infant/toddler with feeding issues? Is you baby having trouble latching on or sucking from a bottle? Is your child a picky eater or having difficulty with eating or swallowing certain textures? Feeding does not need to be frustrating. Let us help make feeding an enjoyable experience! We have TOTs trained speech/language pathologists who are skilled in …

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As speech therapists, our goal is to have you communicate effectively and efficiently.

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