What I Learned on TikTok

My husband used to laugh at me for watching Tik Tok videos. Now he is just as addicted and on some nights instead of watching Netflix we stay up for hours watching TikTok.

If you haven’t heard  of it by now TikTok is a very popular social media platform where everyday people create short videos. Now it is so popular that you can scroll and find videos of music and movie stars mixed in with “TikTok famous” babies, teens, and adults. You can learn different life hacks, new recipes, and great Amazon finds. But what I discovered is how it can be used in Speech Therapy.

There is the “Don’t Leave Me” challenge where teens and their families give sort of a riddle. For instance one teen shows a bottle top and says, “This is a top.” He then kneels down and says, “This is my lap.. I put the top on my lap and you have a laptop.” His friends laugh hysterically and  one friend says “Don’t leave me” and then the next friend steps up and gives his riddle.

As a speech pathologist I thought this would be a great way to students involved in working on their speech and language skills. Using these videos we can help build vocabulary skills, work on morphology, semantics, and pragmatics skills. It is a great tool to use to build creativity and have the students think outside the box. So much can be done with this task while having fun with learning. A child has to understand how to put the words together to do the challenge so word meaning is important. It helps those who have difficulty understanding figurative language get a better understanding.  Reading and writing skills can also be developed using this task. It can be worked on with middle and high school students. It’s a great use of gamification and you can have teams compete. The SLP can bring certain items or since we are doing Teletherapy show certain items and have the students come up with the riddle.

Watch a few TikTok videos and like me you will be hooked. Happy TikToking.

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